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Because of us you don’t have to rely so much on “them.” This is your central location for quality independent music, music promotion, visual presentation, and media promotions. There is exposure and then there is superb exposure which includes artistic style and a polished, intellectual, and creative presentation. Whether it’s blogging, photography, intellectual interviews. videography, etc., we not only connect you to those outside of your community but we become a bridge between you and the major industry or vice versa.

Yes it is important for major industry to be bridged with the independent. As a matter of fact some independent artists are doing just as well on an independent label than many artists who are on a major label. Let’s work together to defy the odds.


We are also an integral media outlet. Connect with us for trusted alliances. We can be trusted with your material. Interviews are edited with your specifications in mind, secrets are kept, and new material will not be shared until you give the okay.


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